More Stillwells! These are really old ones, being used in Croxton Yard for maintenance purposes.

Here's another view of that late-rush hour eastbound local on the Bergen County Line, at the Saddle River trestle between Rutherford and Garfield. And you know you're in old Erie RR country!

For a few years, from 1969 to 1971 or so, the EL was trying to imitiate its would-be savior Norfolk and Western (which now owned the EL, sort-of, via the DERECO holding company), and bought a group of 3600-series SD45s with dual engineer controls, allowing operation in either direction. So, this view of a set of SD's running long-end first on an afternoon eastbound frieght (probably TC-4 or NE-74) is not very unusual. This is just east of Waldwick, looking at the "Collins curve" where Erie nee-EL dispatcher Robert Collins took many photos of steam power in the late 40s and early 50s.

In the early 1970s, it was not all that surprising to see Burlington Northern power on the EL. Here, a set is awaiting a westbound assignment at the Croxton Yard engine facility in Secaucus on a February afternoon.

Around 1970 and 1971, when the Burlington Northern power-pool was still a new thing and the BN merger was still new, you could occasionally see a loco still painted up for one of the BN predecessor roads. Here we have an F-45 painted up in the short-lived Great Northern big sky blue, down in Croxton Yard (where the sky was not very big or blue). The EL yard crew next to it seems curious.

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